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Friday, 1st April 2011
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Nissan expects business back to normal by mid-April

Japanese motor manufacturing company Nissan has said that it expects to be able to restart normal domestic operations by the middle of April.

It added that all of its plants have been running at a limited capacity since last month's natural disasters, the Associated Press reports.

The March 11th earthquake forced the carmaker to close its entire production line for two days from March 14th to 16th.

However, the supply-chain disruptions are expected to be cleared by the middle of this month, Nissan said earlier this week.

The last plant to return to full capacity is expected to be the Iwaki engine plant in Fukushima Prefecture, which is one of just two such factories that Nissan owns in Japan and produces around 376,000 engines per year.

Furthermore, the carmarker plans to temporarily suspend vehicle assembly during the middle of next week (April 4th - 8th), ahead of the resumption of normal business.

Written by Mark Smith

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