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Friday, 18th February 2011
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New craze for stuffed animal holidays

Japanese soft animal owners are beating the recession by taking advantage of a new travel option.

Metro UK reports that people are sending their 'furries' on all-inclusive European package tours for around £60. In return, they are sent a number of photographs of their beloved toys in popular holiday hot spots and even enjoying some of the local dishes.

Barcelona Toy Travel spokesman Daniel Bacho explained: "A lot of people from Japan - and to a lesser extent China - would love to come to Europe but just can't afford it.

"So they are opting for the next best thing and sending their stuffed toys instead."

Owners eventually receive ten photographs as well as a CD of more images showing their furries enjoying a relaxing time on the beach or visiting museums.

Their travel exploits are also available to read on a special Facebook page that continues blogs from the lucky animals.

Written by Kimberly Homer.

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