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Monday, 14th February 2011
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Akihito diagnosed with heart condition

Japan's emperor Akihito has been diagnosed with arteriosclerosis in his cardiac blood vessels.

The Imperial Household Agency confirmed that the 77-year-old will be treated for the condition with medicine. They added the diagnosis will not impact on his daily commitments and he will be applying to carry out duties as normal.

Doctors confirmed the findings after a recent medical check on the emperor at the University of Tokyo hospital.

Ichiro Kanazawa, imperial household medical supervisor, said: ''I asked the emperor to let his personal doctor know immediately if he feels any kinds of symptoms such as pain in the chest."

The creation of the Imperial Household Agency can be traced back to the year 701 and the reign of Emperor Monmu. Following reform in 2001, the agency formed part of the cabinet office and is now headed by the grand steward and the vice-grand steward.

Written by Mark Smith.

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