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Monday, 10th November 2008
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Wankosoba National Tournament takes place in Morioka

The annual Wankosoba National Tournament took place in the city of Morioka over the weekend.

Contestants had exactly 15 minutes to consume as many bowls of the regional culinary favourite which originates in Iwate.

Japan Today reports that around ten bowls of wankosoba make up a standard bowl of kakesoba.

A total of 27 people took part in the event which was won by 44-year-old Hatsuyo Sugawara for the second consecutive year.

Despite having her eating time reduced to ten minutes because of her previous victory, Ms Sugawara still managed to consume more than 380 bowls of the dish - over 130 more than her nearest rival.

An English teacher who attended last year's event wrote in his blog: "Soba is a type of noodle that tastes pretty delicious."

Iwate is a prefecture of Japan situated in the Tohoku region on Honshu island.