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Thursday, 10th February 2011
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Japan emperor to have health checks

It has been confirmed that Japanese emperor Akihito is to undergo medical tests concerning a heart problem.

The Imperial Household Agency announced that the 77-year-old is set to have the checks because of concerns that he is not getting a sufficient supply of blood to the heart after physical exertion.

Kyodo News reported that the emperor is not suffering any ill-effects at the moment and he is expected to carry out his normal duties before undergoing the tests on Friday. It is unclear if he will need further treatment of the condition.

He is Japan's 125th emperor and acceded to the throne in 1989 following the death of his father Hirohito.

Akihito has suffered from a number of heath conditions in recent years including treatment for prostate cancer in 2003 and was diagnosed with stress-related symptoms in 2008.

Written by Susan Ballion.