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Friday, 21st January 2011
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Company launches eco-friendly electric rickshaw

A Japanese firm has revealed its new environmentally-friendly electronic rickshaw.

Nobuyuki Ogura, the chief executive officer of Yodogawa Group, explained that the new three-wheeled, three-seater vehicle uses a single battery to provide a range of 25 miles per hour and offers a green transport option for many consumers.

He told Reuters that the Meguru is a "true environmentally friendly car" and that drivers need only a regular license to take to the streets in it.

"Instead of an air-conditioner, it comes with a pinwheel, and we are also thinking of adding a wind chime because it gives a refreshing sound to cool you down without the need of electricity," Mr Ogura added.

The current selling price is around one million yen but this could be reduced if the vehicle is mass produced.

Made from bamboo and Japanese wood pulp paper, the rickshaw was revealed at the recent Automotive Electronics Technology Expo in Tokyo, reports TodayOnline.

Written by Mark Smith.

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