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Thursday, 20th January 2011
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McDonald's launches new burgers in Japan

Fast food chain McDonald's has reintroduced its successful 'Big America' campaign in Japan.

The special series of burgers have this year been designed to allow Japanese consumers to purchase meals that recreate the tastes of Texas, Idaho, Miami and Manhattan.

Running during the first three months of the year, McDonald's is hoping the burgers will prove as popular as they did when they recreated New York, California, Hawaii and Texas in burger form in 2010.

"We did the first Big America campaign in January of last year with four products themed in U.S. cities," Junichi Kawaminami, a spokesman for the company, told Relaxnews.

"And because the products were so popular - we sold 4.13 million Texas burgers, about 2.2 times more than we expected - we decided to do another campaign."

This year's Texas 2 burger consists of a quarter-pound beef patty, chilli beans, cheese, bacon, onion and a grainy mustard relish sauce.

McDonald's has more than 32,000 branches in 117 countries worldwide.

Written by Susan Ballion.