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Monday, 17th January 2011
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Survey reveals low sex drive in Japan

There has been a decline in the sex drive of young men in Japan, according to a recent study.

Research conducted by the government has concluded that many men are losing interest and this could account for the country's low birth rate.

The survey found that more than 40 per cent of married men did not have sex in the past month, explained Kunio Kitamura, head of the clinic of the Japan Family Planning Association.

He told AFP: "This is directly linked with falling birth rate. Policy actions are necessary."

Overall, 36.1 per cent of Japanese males between the ages of 16-19 said they had no interest - an increase from 17.5 per cent when the last study was conducted in 2008.

Females taking part in the survey also showed low sex drives, with 59 per cent of women in the same age group having no sexual interest - an increase of 12 per cent compared to 2008.

Recent figures show that the number of young Japanese adults fell to a record low in 2010, with 1.24 million men and women turning 20 in the past 12 months - a decline of 30,000 compared to 2009 levels. 

Written by Mark Smith.