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Thursday, 13th January 2011
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Japanese company launches flu mirror

A Japan-based firm has launched a new mirror thermometer that is capable of easily identifying if someone has a fever.

NEC Avio Infrared Technologies has designed the Thermo Mirror to help people discover if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms and enable them to seek medical advice, reports AFP.

Based on thermography cameras used at airports to detect travellers who may be carrying the flu virus, the mirror can take a patient's temperature without any physical contact.

The company is hoping to sell around 5,000 units per year and has launched two versions priced at 98,000 yen and 120,000 yen.

"We foresee uses at corporate receptions, schools, hospitals and public facilities," said a statement from NEC Avio.

Meanwhile, experts are predicting that there could be a rise in birds in Japan contracting avian flu this winter as birds migrate to the region.

Written by Mark Smith