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Tuesday, 4th January 2011
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Japan population falls in 2010

The population of Japan fell by a record number in 2010 as the country's demographics continue to change.

According to government data, there were a total of 1.19 million deaths in 2010 - the highest number since records begin in 1947. The main causes of death were cancer, heart disease and strokes.

Figures also showed that the number of births remained stagnant at 1.07 million.

It is the fourth consecutive year of population decline for the country and reflects that Japanese people are choosing to have fewer children because of career and lifestyle-related reasons.

At the moment, around 25 per cent of Japan's population are currently aged 65 and older. This is expected to increase to around 40 per cent by 2050.

Overall, Japan's population totalled 125.77 million in October, according to the health ministry.

However, Abc News reports that the country's aging population is also leading to an increase in businesses which offer funeral-related services. One example is a new partnership between a leading supermarket chain and around 400 funeral directors, which means funeral services can be sold via its outlets.

Written by Mark Smith.