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Thursday, 25th November 2010
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Japan considers tough sanctions on North Korea

Officials in Japan have announced that the country could introduce tougher sanctions against North Korea.

The announcement follows the recent attacks on a South Korean island and concerns over the growing tensions between the two nations.

Economy minister Banri Kaieda, speaking at a news conference, confirmed that it could "strengthen sanctions", although he gave no further details on what this could entail.

Yoshihiko Noda, finance minister, raised concerns that the dispute could impact on Japan's economic circumstances and hit share prices.

"We must do our utmost to ensure there will be no impact on our economy," said Mr Noda.

He added: "From that perspective, I will closely monitor developments in the markets."

The North Korean shelling of the island is reported to have killed two South Korean marines and two civilians.

Meanwhile, the US is urging China to intervene in the Korean dispute to help ease tensions in the area.

Written by Susan Ballion.

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