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Tuesday, 23rd November 2010
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Japanese police recruits Chihuahua

A seven-year-old Chihuahua called Momo is one of 32 new police dogs joining a police search and rescue team in Japan.

The small canine was specially chosen because of her small statue, which could allow her to explore small and narrow spaces following disasters such as earthquakes. Other successful breeds include golden retrievers, beagles and German Shepherds.

A spokesperson for the western Japanese prefecture of Nara said: "Any breed of dog can be entered to become a police dog in the search and rescue division. It is quite unusual."

According to Reuters, Momo proved his worth by passing the entrance test of finding a person in five minutes "after merely sniffing their cap" and will be employed by the force for at least one year.

The British Chihuahua Club claims that the breed is naturally cautious but highly intelligent and nosey – which could help make them ideal search and rescue dogs.

Written by Mark Smith