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Thursday, 28th October 2010
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Diet panel receives collision footage

A Diet committee has received footage of an incident between Japan Coast Guards and a Chinese trawler.

Prosecutors released the seven-minute video following pressure from the opposition. They believe the footage will reveal that the Chinese trawler deliberately hit two coast guard vessels.

However, some reports suggest that the footage could lead to further tensions between China and Japan and this could limit who views the video.

"It contains the criminal acts that led to the arrest and detention of the Chinese skipper," said chief cabinet secretary Yoshito Sengoku, reports the Japan Times.

He added: "In disclosing this, it needs to be carefully handled in light of the effect it has on the international political environment."

Meanwhile, anti-Japan protests continue in China, with people demonstrating in Chongqing and calling for a boycott of Japanese products. Chinese media reports that the incidents have been largely peaceful.

Written by Susan Ballion.