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Thursday, 21st October 2010
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Mazda to maintain Ford ties

Japanese car maker Mazda has confirmed that it will continue to work with Ford Motor Company.

Takashi Yamanouchi, the president of Mazda, explained the existing agreement will continue and he denied the company is looking for another partner.

"We have agreed that we will continue our strategic partnership in the future. There is no change in it at all," said Mr Yamanouchi, reports AFP.

He added: "We are saying 'Let's work firmly in the fields where we can achieve win-win relations'."

Ford has held a stake in Mazda since 1979 but there have been media reports that it plans to reduce its current equity share from 11 per cent to possibly below three per cent.

Mazda is currently developing a range of electronic fuel cell vehicles that aim to reduce the impact on the environment of driving but in the meantime has launched its next-generation SKYACTIV system.

Available from 2011, SKYACTIV models will have a direct injection gasoline engine fitted in order to improve fuel efficiency.

Written by Kimberley Homer