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Tuesday, 5th October 2010
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Japan considers spy aircraft

Japan may become the new owner of three special spy planes as part of attempts to keep track of China's military movements.

Kyodo News reports Japan's defence ministry is considering the purchase of a number of US-produced Global Hawk spy drones.

The unmanned and camera-equipped machines cost around $50 million (£31.6 million) each and are capable of flying at around 60,000 feet for in excess of 30 hours. It is thought the Global Hawk could play an important role in Japan's military decisions and form part of the country's defence programme up to March 2016.

Japan is currently involved in an ongoing dispute with China over waters close to a group of islands in the East China Sea and diplomatic relations between the nations have become increasingly difficult.

It has also been reported that Japan and the United States are currently planning a military exercise towards the end of the year that involves protecting Japan's remoter islands.

Japan's prime minister Naoto Kan is set to present his country's case against China at the forthcoming Asia-Europe Meeting.

Written by Mark Smith.