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Monday, 4th October 2010
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PM vows to protect economy

Japan's prime minister Naoto Kan has promised to implement a number of new policies to help lower deflation and control the yen.

He outlined his plan during a speech on the first day of a new Diet session. Although Japan is currently involved in a diplomatic disagreement with China, the prime minister claims he will be focusing on economic measures over the coming months, reports the Japan Times. 

"Four months since I was given the reins to the administration, and after being re-elected as Democratic Party of Japan president in September and reshuffling the party and the cabinet, the government is now ready to go into full-scale operations," explained Mr Kan.

As well as encouraging economic growth, the government will also look at reforming social security and a more proactive foreign policy that could include a firmer stance with China on territorial disputes. 

Kan has confirmed that Japan will work with Mongolia to develop real earth metal mining operations following China's reluctance to supply Japan with the crucial materials. 

Written by Mark Smith.