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Wednesday, 22nd September 2010
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Paris Hilton delayed in Japan

Paris Hilton has been delayed by immigration in Japan following her recent legal trouble.

The famous heiress pled guilty to cocaine possession in Las Vegas and was hoping to put the incident behind her. However, a trip to promote her fashion line in Japan is now under threat.

According to the Associated Press, it is now unclear if she will continue on her tour, which is set to include Indonesia and Malaysia.

"Paris was contractually bound to her business trip and didn't want to let down her brands and many Asian fans," said Ms Hilton's spokesperson Dawn Miller.

She added that she is hoping to continue with her working commitments.

The Las Vegas court ordered the celebrity to perform 200 hours of community service and pay a substantial fine to avoid a one-year jail sentence. She must also take part in an intensive anti-abuse programme.

 She was travelling to Japan with her sister Nicky Hilton.

Written by Mark Smith.

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