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Friday, 17th September 2010
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Maehara named as Japanese foreign minister

Prime minister of Japan Naoto Kan has confirmed that Seiji Maehara will take up the position of foreign minister in the cabinet.

The appointment of the conservative member of the ruling Democratic party is likely to be welcomed in the US, the Financial Times reports, noting that Mr Maehara is an avid supporter of the Japan-US alliance.

He also believes that Japan should use its military vessels to defend its shipping channels from Chinese influence, reports say.

Bloomberg states that the appointment comes as tensions with China over disputed waters continue to rise after a Chinese fishing boat collided with two vessels belonging to the Japanese Coast Guard.

It is believed that there are undersea oil and gas reserves in the disputed area.

A number of figures, such as finance minister Yoshihiko Noda and chief cabinet secretary Yoshito Sengoku, kept the same posts they filled before the leadership vote earlier this week.

Written by Mark Smith