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Thursday, 4th December 2008
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Institute gets to the bottom of climate change

A Japanese organisation dedicated to studying toilets throughout the world is urging people to help in the fight against climate change by using less toilet paper.

The Japan Toilet Institute (JTI) has begun placing stickers in restrooms in stores throughout Tokyo as part of the campaign which is due to run until December 15th.

A recent study by the institute found that men use an average of 132 centimetres of toilet paper during each visit to the lavatory.

Women, meanwhile, use an average of 99 centimetres, reports the Asahi Shimbun.

Last month, the JTI asked pupils to take part in a poo categorisation project.

According to the Times Educational Supplement, pupils kept notes in "specially produced turd calendars" which had been delivered to schools in the Tokyo ward of Setagaya.