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Tuesday, 3rd August 2010
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Oldest woman in Tokyo 'missing for decades'

New checks by Japanese officials have revealed that the reputed oldest women in Tokyo may have been missing since the 1980s, it has been reported.

Fusa Furuya, who is allegedly 113 years old, is registered as living with her daughter. However, on being contacted by officials, she said she has not seen her mother at all since the 1980s, said the BBC.

Japan is known for its high number of people over the age of 100 and according to government data published by the news source, there are over 40,000 centenarians in the nation.

"The discoveries in Tokyo have cast doubt on the accuracy of the numbers. Despite being reputed to be Tokyo's oldest woman, it appears no-one had bothered to check that Mrs Furuya was still alive - until now," it reported.

The discovery of the potentially missing woman follows an incident last week where the man believed to be the oldest in Tokyo was found dead - and police think he may have passed away more than three decades ago.

Written by Mark Smith.

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