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Thursday, 15th July 2010
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Hague to visit Japan as part of Asia trip

British foreign minister William Hague is to visit Japan for two days from today (July 15th), alongside French prime minister Francois Fillon.

The pair will meet with their Japanese counterparts, said authorities, and discussions about "global challenges" as well as relations between the countries will be on the agenda.

Fillon will meet with prime minister Naoto Kan, currently suffering with sharp falls in favour among both the voters and other MPs, on Friday and Hague will attend talks with foreign minister Katsuya Okada today.

Speaking to the Financial Times ahead of the visit, Hague admitted that the UK has "somewhat neglected" thinking about Japan over the past few years.

Even though Japan is ""the second-largest economy in the world, it's somehow been overlooked diplomatically" he said.

"So it is important for us to signal at the outset the importance of relations with Japan," he added.

The Asia trip has also seen Hague and Fallon head to China.

Written by Mark Smith.

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