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Tuesday, 6th July 2010
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Japanese probe shows moon rock

A Japanese probe has sent pictures back to earth of a moon rock which could give a clue as to the geological makeup of the satellite.

The Kaguya probe found traces of the mineral olivine on the moon, which could hail from the mantle seen beneath the moon's crust and the discovery is being seen as important as while a lot is known about the minerals and makeup of the satellite's surface, not much has yet been discovered about what is beneath it.

The finding of olivine could also support theories about how the moon was created, which include that it was made after the earth was hit by a space body the size of Mars, with the broken-off debris eventually forming it.

A Japanese space probe recently returned back to earth after heading out on a fact finding mission about asteroids. The Hayabusa craft crashed in the Australian outback.

Written by Kimberley Homer.