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Thursday, 24th June 2010
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Japanese consumers race to get new iPhone

The iPhone 4 went on sale in Japan this morning (Thursday), with hundreds of consumers queuing outside shops across the country in a bid to get their hands on one.

Apple's Ginza store and Softbank's flagship outlet in Harajku were packed with eager consumers, as were other shops across Tokyo during the global launch of the phone.

Technology fans are keen to get one of the iPhone 4s for the raft of features they boast, which include video calls, multitasking capabilities and an improved battery life.

Naoki Nakayama, a spokesman for Softbank, told the Associated Press that demand has been so great that each of the firm's stores have run out of supplies.

"We've been selling out at each launch, it's the same conditions," he added.

Japan saw a similar situation last year with the launch of an older version of the iPhone.

Again hundreds of shoppers queued outside Softbank's store, this time in Omotesando, in a bid to become some of the first people on the planet to possess the Apple device.

Written by Kimberley Homer