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Thursday, 17th June 2010
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Japanese firm launches new drugs

A Japanese pharmaceutical giant has launched three new drugs into the country's market.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co has launched Unisia to treat hypertension, Vectibix for colon cancer and Nesina for type 2 diabetes.

Nesina is the product of Takeda San Diego, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.

It is estimated that the three new drugs will drive sales of around 10 billion yen (£1 billion).

Board member Yasuhiko Yamanaka said that the release of Vectibix was part of the company’s drive to take a dominant role within the oncology sector.

He added: "Having multiple drugs with different mechanisms of action will allow us to propose treatments that best match the conditions of individual patients."

Takeda has a strong place in the global market for oral diabetes drugs, with two such products in the UK.

It also provides a prostate cancer drug and one for combating malignant bone cancer, which was the first in two decades to get approval from Europe.

Written by Kimberley Homer.