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Friday, 11th June 2010
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Japanese minister steps down over reforms

Japanese postal reform minister Shizuka Kamei has announced he is to resign following disagreements about the privatisation of the nation's post service.

Kamei is head of the People's New Party, a minority group in the Japanese coalition and a partner with the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, which recently appointed a new leader and cabinet.

His decision to step down follows the failure of a bill aimed at reducing the level of privatisation of the Japanese post office which he claimed broke a promise made between the two parties.

"Because a promise between the two parties was broken, I have decided to leave the cabinet to take the responsibility," Kamei explained.

Former finance minister Naoto Kan is now the Japanese prime minister after previous leader Yukio Hatoyama resigned unexpectedly following sharp falls in public favour due to him making a U-turn on an election pledge on the location of a US military base on Okinawa.

Written by Mark Smith.