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Tuesday, 1st June 2010
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Australia sues Japan over whaling

Australia is to sue Japan over its whaling practices, officials have announced.

According to Japanese representatives, Australia has now taken its concerns about Japan's whaling traditions - which it has always claimed are carried out for scientific procedures - to international court, which Japanese officials said was a "regrettable" move.

Speaking to reporters following the news, Australia's environmental protection minister Peter Garrett said: "We want to see an end to whales being killed in the name of science in the Southern Ocean."

A Japanese official told news agency AFP that the nation is considering its defence strategy.

The Australian case will be heard at the Hague and follows long-standing protests from the nation against the traditional whaling season.

During the last season, an environmentalist was arrested after boarding a whaling vessel intent on carrying on a citizen's arrest on its captain. Peter Bethune, a member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is now on trial in Japan and faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted.

Written by Mark Smith.

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