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Monday, 24th May 2010
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Japan to face South Korea in World Cup warm up

The Japanese national football team are to kick off against the South Korean squad today (May 24th) in a pre-World Cup friendly.

However, while the match may just be a warm up, Asian news source the Star noted that the teams are treating the game "as seriously as the showpiece tournament itself".

Japan will certainly be seeking a victory after being beaten at home by the South Korean squad during the East Asian Championships. As well as this, Japan were beaten on their home soil by the Serbian team earlier this year.

Speaking ahead of today's match, coach of the Japanese squad Takeshi Okada commented that the South Korean team is in a strong position.

"We are very aware that this match is a serious build-up for the World Cup. I think South Korea are as strong as Cameroon," he said.

Japan's World Cup qualifying group features Denmark, Cameroon and the Netherlands.

Written by Mark Smith.

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