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Monday, 17th May 2010
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Japanese iPads to be sim locked

Customers in Japan keen to get their hands on a new Apple iPad will only be able to buy the item on one network, it has been announced.

Apple works with phone network provider Softbank Mobile in Japan and has revealed that all its iPad offerings in the country will be sim locked onto the network. This will make Japan the only nation where iPads will be sim locked.

The move is a u-turn for Apple, whose boss Steve Jobs said earlier this year that all iPads would be available to buy unlocked.

The iPad is to hit shelves in Japan at the end of this month (May 28th).

IT Pro Portal reported that the announcement has caused some annoyance among Japanese customers amid criticism in the past of the speed of the networks offered by Softbank Mobile.

It is not uncommon for certain phones and devices to only be made available on one network - when the iPhone was released in the UK, consumers could only buy the phone on the O2 network.

Written by Kimberley Homer.