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Wednesday, 12th May 2010
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Japanese golfer fined for "slow play"

Japanese golfer Yuko Mitsuka has been handed a record fine after protesting against being penalised for slow play - and has also said she will pull out of a number of domestic and international tournaments.

Mitsuka was hit with a two-stroke penalty over her alleged slow play and in protest at the ruling, she downed clubs and stormed off the course during the World Ladies Championship Salonpas Cup.

Now, she has been handed a record fine of two million yen, which is the biggest fine ever handed out by the Japanese LPGA.

Speaking to Reuters, LPGA representative Hideaki Otani said that the amount "reflects the seriousness of what took place".

As well as the fine, Mitsuka has pulled out of 11 tournaments.

JLPGA chief Hisako Higuchi said to the news agency: "It will have a serious impact on her to miss these tournaments. Let this be a lesson to other golfers."

Golf To Impress noted that when on the fairway, Mitsuka often "hits her drives regularly around 270 yards, with some coming close to 300 yards".

Written by Kimberley Homer.