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Thursday, 6th May 2010
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Japan criticised over child custody laws

Lawmakers in the US are putting pressure on Japan to rework its child custody rules, over claims that many parents in the country are being denied access to their children who have been taken away to Japan following a separation.

Japan very rarely awards custody to overseas parents, which is leaving many US mums and dads without any access to their children, they claim.

A group of US congressmen are now calling on Japan to change its access and visitation rights for foreign parents, which would bring the nation in line with international standards.

Speaking to news agency the Associated Press, Paul Toland, from Maryland, said he has been denied visitation rights to see his daughter for more than six years.

Commenting on the situation, the Japanese embassy said it is "aware and sympathetic to the plight of children and families who have been affected by unfortunate child custody issues involving Japanese and American citizens", reported the source.

Written by Kimberley Homer.