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Monday, 26th April 2010
In Japan Entertainment News,

Famous Japanese theatre set to close

A famous theatre in Japan is set to close to make way for a new development, after entertaining Tokyo residents and visitors for over 50 years, it has been reported.

According to the Associated Press, Tokyo's Kabukiza is due to be pulled down next month to make way for a new skyscraper. The theatre is famous for its traditional kabuki drama shows, the source noted, and is a "reminder of a quieter past" among the high rise buildings and sparking office blocks in the Ginza district.

The firm that currently owns the theatre, Shochiku, said that the old building does not comply with Japanese earthquake standards.

Speaking to the source, locals expressed disappointment that the theatre is to be knocked down, with chesnut seller Kazushi Nishii, 80, saying he will close down his store when the theatre shuts its doors.

Kabuki theatre combines traditional folk dancing with an emphasis on eye-catching costumes and impersonation.

Written by Kimberley Homer.