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Tuesday, 16th February 2010
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US senator enters Japanese base talks

US senator Jim Webb has said that the presence of the American military in Japan can be "modified".

Since the election of Japanese president Yukio Hatoyama in August of last year, a military base on the island of Okinawa has been at the centre of discussions between the two nations.

Hatoyama has expressed a desire to reduce the Japanese dependence on the US armed forces and has said he wants the base moved, in a step which is not in keeping with the original relocation made for the base when it was first opened.

Commenting during a tour of Japan and Guam, senator Webb, who is also a member of the US senate armed services committee, said there are "a number of practical options" for the relocation of the base.

"There are ways that the American military can be readjusted, but they should also be able to perform their mission," he stated.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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