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Friday, 5th February 2010
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Domestic details 'can make a holiday'

The kinds of domestic details that can often be forgotten are frequently the highlights of a holiday, according to Alain de Botton.

Speaking about global travel, the philosopher explains that seeing ancient buildings can leave some people feeling empty; but visiting a foreign supermarket can prove to be something of an adventure.

"[Finding] the thing that we need to find to bring our life into focus and to make our life interesting - that's a very elusive quest," he asserts.

In Japan, the widespread presence of elements of popular culture could help to make a visit to the country relevant to the traveller's interests.

The Japan National Tourism Organisation recently predicted that pop culture will be a driving force behind visits to the region in 2010.

Among the major factors attracting people to Japan are the fact that it is the home of Hello Kitty and the cinematic release of films such as Astro Boy and Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo early in the year, the organisation noted.

Written by Mark Smith