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Tuesday, 2nd February 2010
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Japan reveals toilet paper gadget

A new Japanese invention claims to be able to turn shredded waste paper into rolls of toilet paper.

Those behind the White Goat machine say that it costs around six pence to make waste paper into one toilet roll. Users of the machines put in 40 sheets of normal A4 paper and in some 30 minutes, the paper is mixed with water and then the resulting pulp is flattened and dried into sheets.

However, the high running costs of the machine - which weighs 94 stone and is six feet in height - may mean it is only suitable for use by larger firms with big budgets.

Speaking to the Telegraph, editor of gadget site Electric Pig James Holland said: "I love the idea and eco warriors will go barmy for it too. I guess you'll need to be wary of any stray staples though."

Japan is known for its zany inventions and is one of the world's leading countries in terms of technology.

Written by Graham McPherson.