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Thursday, 21st January 2010
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Japan and Australia 'put to rest' wartime sinking

The Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has said that a disagreement between the country and Japan over the sinking of a hospital ship during World War II has been "put to rest" - but still claimed the attack was illegal.

In 1943, Japanese navy torpedoed an Australian hospital ship - the Centaur - with the loss of 268 lives.

"The action to sink the Centaur by the Japanese navy at the time was, in our view, a complete breach of international law," Mr Rudd told reporters at a conference in Adelaide.

However, he said that the matter has now been put to rest by the Australian government - and noted that modern Japan is "vastly different" to the Japan of the second world war.

He went on to say that the Australian government wishes to work on strengthening the ties between the two nations. The countries have long been linked by trade and also have a joint security pact.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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