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Tuesday, 23rd December 2008
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Tokyo Tower turns 50

The Tokyo Tower, one of the most potent symbols of Japan's resurgence following the Second World War, celebrates its 50th birthday today (December 23rd).

On peak days, up to 20,000 people visit the building to enjoy amazing views of the Japanese capital.

Economist Takuro Morinaga described the structure as a "symbol of technology, growth and wealth".

He added: "The Tokyo Tower meant that we are getting richer and closer to Europe and the US."

The building is also a monument to sustainable construction, as it is partly built using metal from scrapped US tanks, reports the Straits Times.

Currently, the tower transmits TV broadcasts, however this will be taken over by the Tokyo Sky Tree in 2012 when analogue broadcasts come to an end.

At 333 metres high, the tower is 13 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and weighs around 4,000 tonnes.

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