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Tuesday, 19th January 2010
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Japanese government donates to Africa fund

The Japanese government has donated millions to an African fund aimed at helping people in Ethiopia.

Earlier this week, the government gave $7.8 million (£4.7 million) to Ethiopia following an appeal by the country's leaders due to a poor harvest. Lower than usual rainfall in Ethiopia has led to a bad harvest, which the government estimates will impact some five million people.

Commenting on the donation, World Food Program (WFP) representatives working in Ethiopia said: "This contribution is most welcome and will help us to support those people most in need."

According to the WFP donations of more than $300 million in food and non-food products are needed in order for all the people impacted by the poor harvest to be properly assisted.

Japan and Ethiopia have a strong relationship dating back to the 1930s and have had diplomatic relations in place since 1955. Both countries have embassies in the other's capital city.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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