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Monday, 18th January 2010
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Japanese PM support falls

Support for the Japanese prime minster Yukio Hatoyama has fallen, according to new public opinion polls.

Approval ratings for Hatoyama, who has been in power since his party secured a landslide victory back in August 2009, are now hovering around in the 40 per cents, after a scandal involving a member of his cabinet.

Democratic Party of Japan secretary-general Ichiro Ozawa, who is second in command after Hatoyama, is currently being investigated over claims that he was illegally financially rewarded by a construction firm building a dam and that he also laundered money through his political funding group.

It is alleged that he used some of the money to buy a home in Tokyo.

Three of Ozawa's aides - two formers and one current - have so far been arrested over the incident.

Hatoyama's approval ratings have now fallen by 11 points to 45 per cent, according to Japanese newspaper the Yomirui Daily.

Written by Mark Smith.