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Tuesday, 5th January 2010
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Japan holds annual calligraphy contest

The 46th annual calligraphy contest took place in Japan today (Tuesday, January 5th).

Around 3,000 people took part in the competition, which saw them draw the artistic lettering on to canvases arranged across the floor.

The contest, staged in Tokyo, was the final of an event that has previously seen qualifying rounds held in regions across Japan.

Visitors to Japan who are interested in the decorative art form of calligraphy can see ancient examples in Tokyo National Museum.

Examples in the museum's collection include the tenth-century poem Tsugi shikishi, attributed to Ono no Tofu.

A single detached leaf of an anthology of works by Ki no Tsurayuki is also held by the museum, featuring the poem Sunsho-an shikishi.

Fujiwara no Kozei's Masu shikishi, which appears on a segment detached from an anthology of works, also appears in the collection of ancient works.

Both of the latter pieces mentioned above are dated in the 11th-century Heian period.

Written by Susan Ballion