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Tuesday, 29th December 2009
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Japanese finance minister in hospital

The Japanese finance minister Hirohisa Fujii is to stay in hospital until after the new year as he is suffering from exhaustion.

Local reports said that the minister, who is 77, has been left ill after working on the Japanese budget for the coming year and will remain in hospital over the new year's holidays, a total of ten days.

He is the oldest member of the Japanese prime minister's cabinet and was finance minister to the previous Japanese administration between 1993 and 1994.

According to the Japanese government, Fujii has severe tiredness and high blood pressure due to his hard work on preparing the 2010 budget, which was officially approved on Christmas Day (December 25th) and features provisions and spending totalling 92.29 trillion yen.

Despite his stay in hospital, a spokesman from the finance ministry said that Fujii is due to attend a scheduled cabinet meeting, which could take place as early as this Wednesday (December 30th).

Written by Kimberley Homer.