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Monday, 30th November 2009
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Japanese decoration craze highlighted

Increasing numbers of Japanese are choosing to decorate their electrical items with stickers, jewels, beads and pictures.

According to a Relax News article published in the Independent, a "new generation of Japanese is ignoring the traditional aesthetic of muted colours and subtle designs".

Young people in Japan are now adorning their mobile phones, cigarette cases and other items with "painstakingly" applied items.

Speaking to the source, 27-year-old waitress Kanako Hosomura said: "It can take a long time to get the design just right, but it's creative and I also find it quite relaxing."

Ms Hosomura has decorated her mobile phone with jewels and beads, as well as with a picture of the cat from Alice in Wonderland.

As well as this, her compact mirror is adorned with a picture of a blue heart and bee, as well as a character from the Disney film The Aristocats.

Famous celebrities who are known for their jewel-adorned mobile phones include socialite Paris Hilton.

Written by Mark Smith.