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Tuesday, 30th December 2008
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Japanese stores tempt shoppers with 'lucky bags'

Major department stores throughout Japan are trying to tempt shoppers through their doors by promoting so-called 'lucky bags' during the New Year.

A spokesperson for Seibu Department Stores, which will offer lucky bags containing five shirts for a few thousand yen, said: "We hope these things will be helpful to our customers."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Mitsukoshi commented: "Next year is rich in lucky bags offering customers the chance to experience events rather than having products per se."

As 2009 is the Year of the Ox, Takashimaya will be selling lucky bags containing fruit, vegetables and Miyazaki beef. The bags are intended to let consumers sample luxury food without spending a fortune, said Japan Today.

Reuters recently reported that convenience stores may continue to be more popular than the main retail sector in Japan as consumers opt for cheaper products during the economic slowdown.