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Wednesday, 9th March 2011

InsideJapan launch new Japan E-Newsletter

For those of you that didn’t know, InsideJapan Tours now produce two separate quarterly newsletters. Overflowing with interesting information and amusing stories about Japan, its culture and people, the ‘Japan Iko’ newsletter is aimed at anyone with an interest in this amazing country. The E-newsletter has a number of regular features profiling lesser known destinations and special accommodation, cultural commentaries from our staff and a lesson on Japanese language from the mystery Doctor Kanji. InsideJapan Tours also produce a new specialist newsletter for agents. The agents version of ‘Japan Iko’ aims to make Japan easy for what is usually considered a confusing and mysterious destination. Japan Iko is full of basic tips with regards to Japan as a country, outlining some of the must-sees and hidden gems, places to stay and some perfect packages. The E-newsletter also explains a bit about InsideJapan Tours, what we do, how we do it and why we are the best when it comes to Japan. The agents Japan Iko aims to educate the agent in order for them to able to offer Japan to their clients knowledgably and confidently. If you wish to have a look at Japan Iko, please use the following url; If you would like to look at the agents version of Japan Iko, please use the following url; If you want to make sure that you receive the newsletter four times a year, then please email [email protected] stating which newsletter you would like along with your contact details.

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