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Wednesday, 14th April 2010

InsideJapan needs your votes...again!

InsideJapan Tours have had a lot of recognition of late for the good work that they have done with regards to travel to Japan and it may be set to continue with your help. InsideJapan have found themselves nominated for the 'Best Tour Operator' category in the Guardian Travel Awards 2010. If you have travelled with InsideJapan and enjoyed your experience and the service provided by InsideJapan, then why not let other people know about it and vote for us. We have received so much excellent feedback from our customers and we would really appreciate your support and your shout for the little man (us). if you feel that you would like to vote then please do by following the link and you could even win yourself some prizes along the way. Fingers crossed - Ganbarimasho! Voting ends April 18th.