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Thursday, 7th September 2017

InsideJapan's project PROTECT pledge

The aim of project PROTECT is to encourage all AITO members to carry out at least one project each year which works to protect or improve the environment, society or economy of the destination to which they send their customers. Here at InsideJapan Tours, we take our commitment to responsible travel very seriously and have used project PROTECT as an opportunity to start a new project to run alongside all the work we are already doing in our destinations.

In 2017 InsideJapan Tours pledges to build a strong relationship with a struggling rural community in Japan's Tottori prefecture. Like many small towns in rural Japan, Chizu town is struggling as young residents move on to bigger cities. However, they are taking their revitalisation into their own hands and turning to tourism for support. As it stands, Chizu is rarely, if ever, visited by international tourists, so by opening up this destination and sending clients and school groups to stay and learn about the community, we hope to help their economic growth and play a small part in their redevelopment. As many of our clients love to get off the beaten track to experience a taste of 'real Japan', we hope that this project will prove popular.

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