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Friday, 13th February 2009

Snow Monkeys on the Tele

The Japanese Macaque are found throughout mainland Japan and are the most northern living primate in the world. Much of mainland Japan is covered in snow during the winter months but monkeys in the forests of Yudanaka in Nagano have famously taken to the hot springs to keep warm during the snowy months. These monkeys that take part in their Japanese human counterpart’s favourite cultural activity of the ‘onsen’ have endeared people from all over the world, provoking beautiful photography and travel articles (refer to “IJT in the news” section on the website). The BBC film promises to provide some beautiful images and music to accompany the snow monkey unveiling the hardships that they face in their tough natural environment. InsideJapan’s Winter Highlights Tour visits Yudanaka to witness these bathing “Snow Monkey” and many of our customers have witnessed the bathing primates after requesting a visit to the rural town on their own tailored trips.