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Monday, 9th February 2009

Raising Money for Japanese and UK Charities

“The Tyler Foundation” treating children in Japan and the “Cots for Tots” charity at the local Bristol Children’s Hospital were the chosen charities for 2008. As well as satisfied customers donating after enjoying a holiday in Japan, InsideJapan’s Harry Sargant ran the Tokyo marathon in February 2008 raising £1216 for these very worthy causes. Harry Sargant said, “Personally, I was hoping to raise a bit more for these charities but I am very happy that we have been able to do a little something as a company for the Children in Japan and Bristol. After enjoying their time in Japan, our customers are often looking for some way of giving something back to the Japanese people and this has enabled them to do so in a small way”. IJT have donated £625 to “The Tyler Foundation” in Japan and £591 to “Cots for Tots” in Bristol. InsideJapan aim to continue raising money for local and Japanese charities in 2009 so please watch this space!