Japan – still beautiful

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InsideJapan Tours tour leaders have travelled the length and breadth of Japan and love it – That’s why they do it. One of the best things about being a tour leader in Japan is having the opportunity to show other people this stunning country along with introducing this unique and  beautiful culture.

Tour leader Steve Parker, is currently leading the Japan Unmasked tour which will be visiting Hakone (near Mt. Fuji)  and Hiroshima (next to Miyajima island). Having just completed a tour, he sent us this message with a couple of great photos.

“I was lucky to be leading around Japan again just last week with some eager travellers, who were blessed with sights such as those I captured on camera – Mt Fuji looking the most beautiful I have seen her in my years living and working in Japan, and a spiritual sunset on Miyajima island – famed as being one of Japan’s “3 great views”. Of course there were 101 other fantastic views, but I just wanted to share these gems with people.

The hospitable Japanese are waiting to welcome visitors with outstretched open arms to come and marvel at what their country has to offer. I am pleased to say that foreign tourists are returning to Japan  – the spirit of the land and her people as strong as ever. I therefore look forward with great optimism to sharing amazing experiences in the coming year here with more and more travellers” .

Steve Parker – InsideJapan Tours

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