Japan Insider Guide videos: The Izakaya (Japanese gastropub)

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When visiting somewhere new it’s always handy to have a friend waiting to greet you; someone to lighten the load, guide you on local etiquette, secret restaurants and cultural attractions away from the tourist trail.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be “winner of the world’s most friends in far-flung places award” (in which case, well done), it’s likely that this isn’t always possible. Don’t know anyone in Japan? All is not lost.

Insider Guide videos

Brett Plotz, one of our tour leaders in Tokyo, is putting together a series of Insider Guide videos to help you on your way. We’re kicking off with an Insider’s Guide to… The Izakaya – Japan’s answer to the gastropub.

Put down that guidebook, step back and take it all in…

Fancy catching up with Brett in Japan? Join him on our Classic Japan small group tour to bask in a hot spring bath at the foot of Mount Fuji, drink sake with an apprentice geisha in Kyoto and, of course, tuck into a meal or two at an Izakaya.

Plate of food at an Izakaya, Japan

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