Georgia Rae Dunkley

From her first solo trip at 18, Georgia realised that while her cooking and budgeting still needed a bit of work, travel was the thing that made her tick.

Whether it's squeezing her eyes tight around hairpin bends on the way to Wayanad in India, trekking around a Danish festival in search of the latest scoop, camping in the Australian outback or eating her body weight in sweet treats at Japanese konbini, she can't seem to sit still.

Having studied a Masters in International Relations, she is ever fascinated by how the world works. After 3 and a half busy years PR-ing and writing features about travel adventures in the UK and Europe, Georgia decided to cast her net a bit wider to write about the the destinations that the team at InsideAsia Tours are so passionate about.

With Bristol up there as one of her favourite cities of all, Georgia feels so strongly about the best places to grab a caffeine shot or vegetarian meal, she is considering offering free tours to make sure that no-one slips into a less than special establishment. In her spare time, she can be found playing in a band or talking someone's ear off about music, Bristol and, of course, travel.

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